Chillin with the cats

May 23rd, 2010  / Author: Ben

Yanessa has attracted some feline companions.

Phi Psi Special Dinner

February 27th, 2010  / Author: Ben

Yanessa found a massive lobster claw.

Headed to Tahoe

February 5th, 2010  / Author: Ben

We’re heading up to South Lake Tahoe with the Band this weekend, for the annual Ski/Trip. It’s Yanessa’s first trip to Tahoe in the winter – she was pretty impressed with our summer trip there, so I expect this will be equally awesome for her.

I’m hoping to bring up our nice camera; it’s been a while (since our roadtrip, probably) since I’ve been able to really take a lot of photos, and winter setting can be a lot of fun in that respect.

I finally got snow chains for my car – we’ll see how it holds up. We bought a pair of new tires (we forgot to rotate the old ones), and I have a new battery and a fresh oil change, so the DittoMobile (TM?) is already running smoother than usual. Supposedly I need to replace the transmission fluid and an axle as well, but that can wait until at least next week.

Speaking of next week, next Sunday is Dollie Day, when I finally get to choose my Dollies as the Assistant Manager of the Band. I’m going to try to convince Yanessa to do that post, though.

Hopefully we’ll have an update on the far side of Tahoe, schoolwork permitting. And pictures!


December 17th, 2009  / Author: Ben

Hello, and welcome to our site.  We’ve set up the site as a way to tell embarassing stories about each other that others may or may not be interested in reading them.  We’ve also got a few links to our other homes around the web, and will be posting some archival notes (holiday letters and the like).

Feel free to drop us a line if there’s anything you’re interested in hearing about!